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to All Ford Transit,
Transit Custom,
Fiat Ducato,
peugeot boxer and
citreon Relay van / motorhome owners...

Thieves can now enter and empty these vehicles without doing any damage,
its just like they Have been left unlocked. Thieves seem to have aquiredscanners and / or universal tumbler keys that will unlock your vans doors.

Even With Added Locks!!!
New 'peel and steal' craze sees thieves
Taking tools worth thousands
in seconds.

Unlike cheap shed alarms, around £12 from b@q( being sold at exorbitant prices over the net) with sirens mounted in 
Load areas, from which if triggered will be very quiet indeed.

These shed alarms Are being Sold as serious van alarms!
using vibration sensors to cover entry via doors
THEREFORE Causing multiple False Alarms!

Meaning having to Cease using these systems out of frustration.

If A Thatcham approved / therefore tested alarm sounds, then someone's at your vehicle.


                                                                                           We can now install in conjunction with an alarm system,
sensors at the top of van doors that will sense the
peeling back of Van doors,
Even if its just a couple of centimetres!!

Unless Locks Are Fitted Top AND Centre Of Van Doors
This Is What Can happen.
To A Certain Extent Locks Have Been Effective But With "Peeling Back"
The Locks Have To Be Placed Around The Each Door.
Also Bare In Mind Adding Locks Void The Vehicle
Anti Corrosion Warranty And Rust And stains
Can appear Very Quickly.

Anti Peel Back sensors DONT Cause Rust And DO NOT Void The Vehicle Warranty

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Fully Fitted Car, Van And Motorhome Alarms And Security Specialists,
Installations Across Scotland.

 Since 1988 Auto Security Systems Have Been At The Forefront

 Of Mobile Car Security Installations (car alarms, immobilisers, tracking systems) Throughout Scotland. 

Based In EdinburghWe Endeavor To Install The Latest And most Reliable Car Alarms / Security Systems To The Highest Possible Standards.  



 The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle Across Scotland

 Since 1988.

Fully Guaranteed,

 Expert Mobile Car Security Installations Covering Scotland.

When We Install Your Vehicle Security System, Rest Assured That You Are Always Covered By Our Unique Lifetime Onsite Warranty.

That's Why Our Customers Return Time After Time For All Their Car Security Needs.

  Fully Guaranteed Expert Mobile Car Security Installations Across Scotland Since 1988.

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The Convenient Way To Professionally secure Your vehicle across Scotland.


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Did You Know? All Thatcham Approved Alarms Must Be Professionally Installed By
 Official Alarm Dealers To Retain Their Cat 1 Status

And In Most Cases Retain The Alarm Manufacturers Warranty!

Scroll Down For Thatcham Cat 1 Car Alarms By :   Hornet, Autowatch, Viper, Toad And Clifford car alarms.

If You Don't See The Cat 1 System Your After, Call Us, We Supply And Fit Most Makes And Models.

Thatcham Approved Products Are Insurance Approved And Can Achieve A Discount On Your Insurance Premium.

All The Car Alarms On Our Site Are Covered By Our Unique Lifetime Onsite Warranty

Scroll Down This Page To Find Some Of The Most Popular, Reliable Cat 1 Car Alarm Systems Available !

     Toad  Ai606 Thatcham
Cat 1 Alarm/Immobiliser.

 one of the older cat 1 system available and Perhaps no Longer The Market Leader,  the Toad ai606 and the more basic

Sterling One have a surprising functions and Features List And Still Represents Effective Security Systems .    

Toad ai606 Features of the AI606 car alarm system include:
Two 4 button transmitters
3 timed or constant remote controlled outputs for

(Cost Options, Such As, boot release, headlamp illumination, total closure etc.)
Ultrasonic Sensors.
Flashing Hazzards On Arm / Disarm.


The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle, Fully Guaranteed Mobile
Car Security Installations Across Edinburgh Since 1988.

  The all New Autowatch 457 RLI/t Cat 1 Digital
Ultrasonic Alarm Immobiliser System Fitted Throughout Scotland.

This System Represents The Next Generation
In Cat 1 Car Alarm/Immobiliser Systems.
Factory Fitted In South Africa By Both Ford And Volkswagon,
Plus Peugeot, Renault And Mitsubishi In Israel !
The Autowatch 457 RLI/T Cat 1, Is THE Professional's Cat 1.


 Thatcham Approval No TC2 1404/0807 Thatcham LCV Apprval No TCL1 147/0807
  Product Summary,
Truly Unequaled Featurs And Functions List.

Encrypted High Quality Remote Control, 4 Button, With Built In
Battery Level Indicator.

Secure Pin Code Override, If The Alarms Remote Is Lost Or Damaged, You're
Not Left Stranded! The Autowatch 457 Rli
Has A high security emergency P.I.N. override Procedure via ign switch,
(many alarms use a similar override Procedure, But In Effect Give A Lower Level Of Security, As The vehicle ign key is not required To Override! )

Entry Alert , With Memory Report Back.

Built In Car Locator ( For Example, If you've ever lost your car in a car park at
night, just press the "car locator" button on your AUTOWATCH remote,
the cars hazzard's will light up and will stay constantly
On (won't flash will stay bright on) creating a Bright band of light around your car.)

INTRUSION DETECTION Perimeter (Door, Window, Sunroof, Boot & Bonnet)

Early Warning Sensor input.
Digital Ultrasonic Movement Sensors (Self Adjusting Digital Smart Ultraonic Movement
Sensors Can be Switched Off from The Remote When Leaving Pets In Vehicle. )

Super High Intensity Bright Blue Status L.E.D
Microwave Movement Sensor (option)

Full Central locking output
Boot release ( option )
Window Closure facility ( Option )
Turbo Timer output Option ( 60 seconds )

Audible Or Silent Arm / Disarm Facility (Selectable From Remote Control)
False-alarm Nuisance Prevention

Alarm trigger Diagnostics
Rapid-test mode for installer

Courtesy light illumination On Disarm and
Ignition Off. (vehicle dependant)

Image description
On-board dual Circuit Immobilisation.
Self-arming Immobiliser.

Battery back-up siren With Data Link
Auto Re-arm Alarm ( selectable )
Auto -arming Alarm (selectable )
Lock/Unlock with ignition (selectable )
Pager output neg out (Selectable)
Negative Output when armed (Selectable)
Ignition Anti-Hotwire Feature

Key Guard Anti-key Theft Anti Hi-Jack Facility ( Cost option,
When "Key Guard" Is Installed, Even If A Thief Has Your Car Keys
And Autowatch Remote Control, Your vehicle will Be Impossible To Start! Similary If You Are Hi-Jacked,
When The Vehicle Engine Is Switched Off It Will Then Be Impossible To Re-Start)
Indicator / Park-light Flashing

Door Open audible warning
Anti-tamper Security Housuing

Remote Panic Alarm Facility

Built In Wireless Sensor Capability e.g.
Install A Wireless Sensor In Your Garage,
If A Thief Enters, Your Autowatch 457 car alarm Will Sound
Even If Your Car Is Parked On The Street !

Built In Output for Gps/GSM Tracking And Paging Devices.
 Fitted From £379.99

Freephone 0800 1223 156
Cat 1, 2 way car alarm system Fitted Throughout Scotland.
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 Viper 480 xvResponder

 Directed Electronics Leading the way with innovative products.

Introducing the 480XV -
THE 1st TWO-WAY Thatcham accredited Category 1 security
Re-writing the rulebook by combining security with the ultimate in convenience.

For those requiring the ULTIMATE, the Viper 480XV is just for you.

19 icon display in remote fob for reporting and confirming the status of the alarm system, along with zone / sensor trigger identification.
3-point immobilisation
Remotely adjustable ultrasonic sensors
ESP2 Battery Backup siren
Metal cased alarm Control Unit
Dual Multiplex input for additional Dual Zone sensors with warn away
Doors, bonnet and boot protection
Flashing indicators whilst alarm sounding
Remote central locking
5 channel outputs for control of additional optional features
(Turbo timer, electric windows, etc)

Multi car control
Comfort close
Sensor bypass facility
Ultra-bright Blue LED
PIN override and valet mode
Passive arming
BitWriter programmable
Sensor override
Total Closure
Supplied with 1-Two-way remote and 1 - 4 button one-way remote

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 Thatcham cat 1  car alarms fitted scotland. 

About Us.. 

In Scotland We Install All The Major Security Systems On The Market Today! CLIFFORD CAR ALARMS,
COBRA CAR ALARMS, Hornet CAR ALARMS, van alarms fitted Scotland, Viper car alarms,  Avital Max 1 Alarm, hornet maxx 1, 
Fully Thatcham Approved Cat 1 ( cat1 ) cat one Alarms And Cat 2 ( cat2 ) cat two Immobilisers fitted Scotand, Motorhome
Alarms And  PHANTOM TRACKING SYSTEMS, So Can Compare And Contrast To Find The Best Car 
Alarm / Immobiliser / Tracker , To Suit Your Vehicle And Your Budget .

Due To The Vast And Everchanging Array Of Car Alarm / Security systems , This Site Presently Shows Only A
Limited Selection Of The Products We Supply And Fit, If You Don't See the car alarm / security system You Require,
Give Us A call, Dont Miss Out On A Great Service And A Great Price!

We Also Fit In Areas Outwith Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee, e.g 
( Aberdeen, Inverness, Ayr, Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Airdrie, Scottish Borders, Galashiels,
Hawick, Selkirk, Peebles, Kelso, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Dunfermline, Inverkeithing, Aberdeen, Stirling, Carlisle, ) ,
 For Advice On The Best Car Alarm / Security System For Your Vehicle Why Not Give Us A call
. We Will Be Happy To Advise.

                                        FreePhone  0800 1223 156  The Convenient Way To Professionally Secure Your Vehicle across Scotland Since 1988.

Fully Guaranteed Advanced Mobile Car Alarm Installations Throughout Scotland Since 1988


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The Convenient Way To Professionally secure Your vehicle Across Scotland.


Welcome to motorhome alarm systems Scotland. 

Our Aim Is To Supply And Fit The Most Modern,  Reliable Motorhome / Van Alarms And Security Systems Available on The Market Today.
With A Fully Guaranteed Mobile Installation Service Covering Much Of Scotland
( Glasgow, Edinburgh,
Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Fife, Ayr, Scottish Borders etc. )
Installing Motorhome / Van Alarms And Security To The Highest Possible Standards

Since 1988!

Rest Assured,
Our Engineers Are Amongst The Most - If Not The Most - Experienced Motorhome Alarm Installers  In Scotland.

As Well As Having The Benefit Of A Highly Experienced Engineer Working On Your Motorhome
Remember That All Our Installations Carry An ' On-Site' Warranty.
So No Costly, Long Inconvenient Journeys Back To The Dealers For A Simple Sensitivity Adjustement!
Our Engineer Will Come Back To The Original Installation Address For Any Service Or Warranty Issues
Free Of Charge.

Motorhomes are a popular target with vehicle thieves.

Not only are motorhomes valuable vehicles in their own right, but they are also often laden with valuable contents.
  Whether your motorhome is on your drive whilst you sleep, or on a camp-site whilst you are
on holiday you need to be sure that it is safe and secure.

Please Take Some Time To Peruse The Motorhome Alarm / Security Systems Below,
Unlike Many Other Motorhome Alarm Installers We Supply And Fit Many Makes And Models Of Motorhome Alarm / Security Systems
And Are Not Tied To A Single Manufacturer, Which Hopefully Enables Us To Give Unbiased Advice As To Which System
would Be The Most Suitable For Your Motorhome
And Your Pocket!

Please Note We Cannot Advertise Exact Prices For Fitted Motorhome Security As Fitted Prices
Are Entirely Dependant On Details Such As
Location For Installation,
Type And Year Of Motorhome Manufacture.
Degree Of Security Required ( e.g extra Locker switches etc. )

If You Would Like Some Advice, More Information On Any Motorhome Alarm System You See Below
Or Just A Quick Fully Fitted Motorhome Alarm Price Quote,

Please Don't Hesitate To Contact Us On
freephone 0800 1223 156
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If Calling From A Mobile Phone You May Prefer To Call
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Please Note: The Insurance Approved Thatcham Motorhome Alarm Systems On This Page Are Amongst The Most Popular
Motorhome Security Systems Available Today But In Reality Represent Just A Small Cross Section Ranging From Entry Level To
Truly Top Of The Range Security And Convience Systems.
We Are Also Approved Dealers For Systems Such As Sigma, Cobra, Viper, And Scorpion To  Name But A Few.

Toad Sterling One Insurance Approved Motorhome Alarm System Fitted Across Scotland. 

 Entry level sytem, allowing to protection to your vehicle, and add on any magnetic switches or infra red sensors.  value for money.

With full Thatcham Category 1 Certification, For Lcv's and Motorhomes.


LED - The Sterling One has  Red LED that shows the status of your alarm.  It’s usually located on the dashboard

This is a great visual deterrent as it shows your motorhome is protected.

Remote Control Operated Central Locking - If your motorhome already has central locking, then the alarms remote control can be connected, therefore,
locking and unlocking the doors when the alarm is armed or disarmed (cost option subject to vehicle).

Remote Control -  two buttons, add extra features to your alarm and you get two of these one for each set of Keys.

Its anti snatch anti grabbing -As with any Thatcham approved system - This is to stop professional motorhome thief’s recording the transmitter signal.

The Sterling One recognises it as a recording and ignores it.

Remote Siren Silencing - The motorhome alarm can be set silently without the confirmation chips.

Great when parking late at night.

Engine Immobilisation -  It’s a micro computer connected into to two vital circuits and when activated, stops the engine from being started

Absolutely no one can illegally start your motorhome engine

It will also automatically arm after 30 seconds.

Audible & Visual Arming and Disarming - When arming or disarming the alarm, the lights flash and the siren chirps.

This gives you proof you have activated or deactivated the system.

When armed, any movement inside the motorhome cab area will trigger the siren

Great protection against loss of property through the motorhome front windows.

Doors, and Bonnet Protection - All doors that have factory courtesy light switches fitted in the front cab area are connected to the Sterling One alarm and when it’s armed,
if they are opened or a forced entry is attempted, the siren will automatically trigger.

Even the most ardent motorhome thief will be detered by this.

The Siren – Like All Thatcham approved Motorhome Alarm system has its own battery for back up.

If your motorhome battery is unlawfully disconnected by someone lying under the motorhome in some examples, the siren will automatically trigger.

120 decibels is its volume

The maximum the law allows, and you’ll hear it

Remote Courtesy Lighting (cost option)- When you disarm the alarm, the motorhome interior lights come on until you start the engine, or for 30 seconds.

Very useful at night

Auto-lock -( Not always recommended, please ask for more details) This feature of the Sterling One automatically locks the vehicle doors
( vehicle dependent ) as soon as you start driving. It also automatically un-locks should the vehicle lose power.

Protection against vehicle-jacking

Auto Arming - You can programme the Sterling One to automatically arm the alarm

This means your motorhome is never left unsecured ( although we advise against this as the alarm could activate with you inside the motorhome)

And instant by-pass with one turn of the key easily stops the auto arming.

The Sterling From Toad Can Also Be connected To Wireless Sensors By Way Of A single Zone wireless Interface to cover exterior lockers etc.


     Authorised Dealers.